Paddle Boarding

Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding is a great activity to do while on vacation. You can rent a board, take classes or just go board with your friends or on a tour for a bit more than one hour.

At Aloha Paddle Club their instructors will make sure that you will be able to explore the sea in a fun and safe way. If it’s your first time, they will teach you the position on the board, how to hold the paddle, paddle techniques, how to fall into the water and how to get back on your board.

Instructors are Spanish and English speaking and under request, Dutch and German.

Your guide will always make sure that everybody is safe and having fun.

They are located at the beach, between Calle 4 and 6 at INTI BEACH. A very nice place to relax before and after your paddle board adventure. There, you can find beds, massages, healthy food and drinks. Service is great and the view over the ocean is amazing. They will be offering you 10% discount on all drinks and food when going to paddle boarding and will offer you a special price on a massage.





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